HarvestInfo: Newspapers Seeking ‘Federated Search’

Newspapers are increasingly seeking out “federated search” solutions that can search and crawl all forms of their content, including display, classifieds, various feeds, editorial and archives, according to Catherine Kelly, President of HarvestInfo, a vendor to newspapers. “We’re starting to hear the term ‘federated search’ pop up from different newspapers, without any prompting,” says Kelly, who … Read more

eBay and Skype: The Classifieds Factor

Some analysts haven’t figured out Skype’s value to eBay. But I see it fairly plainly: classifieds. The classifieds industry appears to be on the verge of a freefall, due to services such as Craig’s List that don’t charge But with Skype in the picture, I see lots of “value add” that buyers and sellers would … Read more

McClatchy Interactive Adds Details to KR Plans

McClatchy doesn’t plan any major changes for Knight Ridder’s online operations, but plans to save $15 million by getting rid of redundancies in the two companies’ operations, said McClatchy VP of Interactive Media Chris Hendricks in an interview with the NAA’s Rob Runett. Hendricks has made a habit throughout his career of referring to “bodies” as cost … Read more

Zillow Moves into ‘iFlipping’

Zillow Group is betting big on a new “iFlip” model that will refocus its energies towards directly buying and selling houses, perhaps overtaking agent and brokerage advertising in importance. The bets are big – the company thinks it is looking at a market that might be worth $20 Billion, which would dwarf its 2018 revenues of … Read more

McClatchy Pact Opens Door to Yahoo ‘a la Carte’

The WSJ is reporting that McClatchy, the publisher of 30 newspapers, is set to be the 12th newspaper publisher to join the Yahoo consortium, leaving behind Gannett and Tribune, which had hoped to work with McClatchy to build an alternative national ad network. Meanwhile, The L.A. Times reports that Yahoo has agreed to provide prominent links on section fronts … Read more

My Report on Newspapers and Online Shopping

Over the years, I’ve done a number of strategic reports for The Newspaper Association of America. The newest report, out today, is called “The Newspaper Online Shopping Report: Online Relationships with Retailers.” It is a fairly comprehensive work that gives readers a 360 degree view of what newspapers are doing (and should be doing) to … Read more

Update from Craig (Newmark)

Speaking at Inman’s Real Estate Connect last week in San Francisco, CraigsList namesake Craig Newmark says the service is now getting 8 billion page views a month from 450 cities in 50 countries. He also noted that the service is up to 23 staffers, and will be adding a couple of programmers. He didn’t address pending competitive issues from … Read more

Zillow Valuation Now $350 Million

Zillow has landed $30 million in new financing, which comes on top of the $57 million already raised. The new round values the 155 employee “Zestimate” provider at $350 million, according to reporting by Rebecca Buckman at The Wall Street Journal. CFO Spencer Rascoff called to provide some color to a fairly complete profile I wrote after the Inman … Read more

Topix Refocuses on Place Bloggers and UGC

Under-served small communities are getting more attention. Companies like TownNews, Greyboxx and Topix have set out to focus on small town and exurban residents, and aggregating those local users for advertisers. As we wrote in April, Topix – a 25 person company that is 80 percent owned by Gannett, Tribune and McClatchy – has been aggregating local news from a variety … Read more

HyperLocal Efforts Keep Going; OurTown Launches

There are a number of new or re-energized hyperlocal efforts out there, trying to crack the code. New efforts are expected shortly from Outside.in and SmallTown. Ongoing efforts are being made with AmericanTowns, which counts Idearc as a lead investor; and Dallas’ Pegasus News, which is owned by Fisher Communications. CitySquares in Boston continues to build its model. Topix has also remade itself into an … Read more