Cox Search Launches Kudzu

Cox Enterprises has been largely silent on the local front since the high profile failure of Cox Interactive Media and its city guides in 2001. But the local media giant is quietly re-entering the local waters with the creation of a new “Cox Search LLC” division, described as “a strategy and development group created to … Read more

Merchant Circle Seeks to Provide YP Alternative

“Small business,” “marketing tools” and “viral marketing” = a new generation of Yellow Pages that will really help businesses get more local customers. Or so hopes Merchant Circle, a well-funded startup that officially launches in June. “People who sell FEAR like the Yellow Pages cannot sell the hope that the local Internet delivers, said President and … Read more

eBay Focuses on Classifieds with U.S. Launch of Kijiji

eBay has quietly launched a U.S. version of Kijiji, a free classifieds service that began in February 2005 and is now serving 17 million users in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Switzerland, and India. Kijiji, which means “village” in Swahili, is one of five classifieds brands now being operated by eBay. The company also … Read more

Huffington Post, Local Edition

The Huffington Post has a certain glamour about it, and is able to attract an “A” list of contributors. There is always something interesting on it, and its readership is apparently between three and eight million unique. Now it is going to go local, with a launch in Chicago this summer, and at least a dozen local … Read more

SMEs Continue Embracing e-Newsletters

Most of us get a lot of e-newsletters every week. Most of them are powered by Constant Contact. But, given the alternative means that local businesses have to communicate (blogs, RSS, videos, podcasts, etc.), is the era of the e-newsletter fading? Constant Contact doesn’t think so. The 250-person, Mass.-based company has 100,000+ accounts. “We’re continuing to … Read more

TurnHere: Local Video Network For Hire

It’s really the year of video on the Net, and local video plays a big role in that (and we’re talking about more than the big rats that were filmed running amok at the TacoBell/KFC in Greenwich Village). At our Kelsey Group Local ’07 conference, taking place in Santa Clara March 20-21, a high percentage of our … Read more