Skift Forum: The Post Covid World of Travel

Top airline, hotel, booking service and agency executives pondered what getting back in the game and full recovery will look like this week at Skift’s Global Forum, a three day, 65 speaker event that went virtual this year. Right now, event speakers noted that the major sustaining areas in travel are drive-to suburban hotel locations and … Read more

Groceryshop Summary: Getting On the Road to ‘Relationship Commerce’

One reason Amazon bought Whole Foods was to serve as a Local Commerce Logistics Center. Today, two years after the acquisition, Whole Foods is on the cutting edge of new trends like Amazon Prime loyalty extensions, Amazon in-store display and delivery. The sale also shook up a nearly $1 Trillion grocery segment in the US/Canada … Read more

Groceryshop: Aiming for ‘More Available, Accessible and Relevant’

Next generation grocery stores face a challenging environment. But at this week’s inaugural Groceryshop event in Las Vegas, with 3,000 participants, industry executives and tech vendors suggested that store enhancements, omnichannel and assisted-shopping capabilities and final mile delivery choices will help them avoid the “retail apocalypse” afflicting other multi-channel retailers. More than 30,000 grocery stores in the … Read more

Notes from Seattle Interactive: Microsoft and the Multi-Device User

Hot trends in Web and marketing were all on display this week at Seattle Interactive, a large regional show with 190 speakers and an audience largely comprised of Northwest agencies, startups and technologists. The change in media was brilliantly illustrated by a single question posed by a speaker. “How many of you responded to a Nielsen … Read more

‘Final’ ILM:09 Speakers Added (Twitter, AT&Ti, Euro Directories +++)

The ILM:09 conference Dec. 9-11 in LA is now just around the corner. We’ve handpicked 60 cutting-edge speakers, and we think we are onto something that is really important. I can tell you that signups have been great, too. Recent adds to the speaker roster include Twitter’s Anamitra Banerji and AT&T Interactive’s Greg Issacs, who will be joining Facebook’s Tim Kendall … Read more

Inman SF Connect: Yelp COO Geoff Donaker

Yelp COO Geoff Donaker, subbing at the last minute for a “very ill” CEO Jerremy Stoppelman, told an Inman SF Connect audience that Yelp’s base of 24 million + unique “Yelpers,” seven million reviews and “thousands” of advertisers represents a rich opportunity for any vertical small business – including realtors. Although Yelp takes a horizontal “lifestyle” approach to … Read more

John Malone at D7: No Easy Answers for Local

Liberty Media Head John Malone, the man who conceptualized the “500 channel” universe and lead the cable TV revolution in the 1980s, told an audience at the WSJ’s D7 conference in Carlsbad,CA that he sees the need for local news and local advertising, but doesn’t clearly how to create a successful local product. ”What’s the role of localism?” … Read more

D7: Twitter Considers Premium Service for SMBs and Pros

Conjuring up Twitter’s business model takes a lot of imagination. But founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s D conference in Carlsbad, CA, says the name of the game will be “enhanced capabilities” aimed at small business and professional users – something supported by a WSJ poll showing that 24 percent of Twitter users … Read more

TedX: The Rise of Local Ted Events

One of the most amazing cyber-stories is the redevelopment of the elite TED – Technology, Entertainment and Design –conferences into a multi channel, multi city and multi country branded phenomenon. Since 2009, there have been 7,552 TED events in 151 different countries. As Ann Wycoff writes in San Diego Magazine, Tedx San Diego is one event that … Read more