Zillow CFO Sees Real Estate ‘Renaissance’

Online Real Estate has gone through its “classical” period in 1995-2000, and its “dark ages” in 2001-2005, but is now in the midst of its “renaissance” due to “data enlightenment” and “consumer driven industrial change,” per Zillow CFO and VP of Marketing Spencer Rascoff. Speaking at Kelsey’s ILM conference in Philadelphia, Rascoff said a key in the … Read more

SignPost Focuses on ‘Deal Scouts’ for Self-Serve Deals

SignPost, an eight person New York-based deals company that has received $1 million of seed funding from Google Ventures and others, is banking on “deal scouts” to originate time-sensitive deals with local merchants and services. The company has deals available around the country, but currently focuses on New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Boston. There are 303 … Read more

Will Groceries Be a Fit for Groupon?

Can Groupon easily extend into the grocery coupon space? No, not at all easily. For starters, food producers used to “cents off” can’t really provide goods at 50 percent off, or more, and then provide a commission of 30-50 percent of sales. But we can think of a number of reasons to green-light a Groupon grocery venture. … Read more