Membership Programs Are Catching On with Local Media, Others

More and more media organizations, non-profits, charities and credit card companies are adding the sheen of “membership” to bolster customer acquisition, loyalty and renewals. Pitches for membership subscriptions have become expected and even sought after by consumers that have been conditioned by Amazon Prime and subscription streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify. According to … Read more

Are Loyalty Programs Getting Lost in the Shuffle?

A wide range of innovative loyalty programs are in the marketplace, and they report impressive ROI and user engagement. But are they a high priority for retailers? Many retailers (and their agencies) have been slow to commit to loyalty programs. At ShopTalk in Las Vegas May 16-18, loyalty programs seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle … Read more

LSA18: Yelp’s Chad Richard On The ‘Decentralization of Reservations’

Digital reservations are seizing on SaaS cloud-based models and becoming the norm not only for Open Table-oriented white table cloth restaurants, but fast casual restaurants, beauty salons, spas and even hospital emergency rooms and Department of Motor Vehicles. Yelp SVP of Business and Corporate Development Chad Richard, speaking at LSA18 this week in Chicago, said a “decentralization of … Read more

Review: ‘Subscribed’ Offers a Playbook for Subscription-Based Companies

Businesses are working hard to move their customers to subscription-based models, with real results. McKinsey has estimated that subscription-based e-commerce, for instance, has enjoyed 100 percent growth in each of the past five years. The shift has even lead some to suggest the “death” of one-off product sales — at least in areas like software. … Read more