Card-Linking at Year 5: Momentum in Some Areas, Questions in Others

Five years in, is card-linking finally assuming a place in the promotional media pantheon alongside reviews, coupons, prepaid deals and loyalty incentives? With card-linking, consumers link their credit and debit cards to retailers and brands. The resulting transaction data can be mined to help retailers, brands and other commerce companies provide targeted offers and incentives … Read more

Money2020: Google Talks About Why It is in Payments

Google’s Payments division is seeking synergies across many of Google’s business units – hence the recent insertion of several AdWords executives into the Payments leadership. Speaking at Money2020 in Las Vegas, Google Payment VP Ariel Bardin bluntly acknowledged that people don’t think Google has a real role in the payments world, and didn’t mind that Google Wallet … Read more

American Express Cuts Back: Big Impact on SMB Digital Marketing Support?

American Express is under the knife, as it cuts $1 billion in spending with the end of its Costco and JetBlue co-branded cards. The cutback will probably cut into many of the forward looking promotion and marketing projects that Amex underwrites with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Uber, Pinterest and others. It will also lead to the departure … Read more

Is Groupon ‘Misunderstood’? It Probably is Under-Appreciated

Groupon is “misunderstood”; people haven’t updated their view of Groupon as a full blown marketplace rather than a “daily deals” company; and it actually is “the unquestionable leader in local.” All this per newly-elevated CEO Rich Williams, in a public letter. “We have unprecedented experience in local, and what we believe is the right vision … Read more

All Roads Lead to Groceries: Groupon Adds ‘Snap’ Loyalty Program

When it comes to local commerce and loyalty programs, all roads lead to groceries. That’s the feeling of key companies in the space, including WalMart, Amazon, Google and eBay. Groupon this week announced Snap, a grocery coupon and loyalty program that gets it into groceries in a more meaningful way than prior efforts to go in via … Read more Gets $200 Million; $100 Million is for Tech, Staff Development

With Groupon going public, the promotions space is getting tremendously revved up. Hoping to get in on the action are promotional relatives of the deals space, including providers of grocery “cents off” coupons, retail weekly sales (circulars), retail rewards, and Buy One Get One Free. While most of these don’t do much with local advertisers, they do … Read more

Groupon’s Current Strengths: Limited, But Good for Alibaba or Comcast?

Groupon has put itself on the market, and it isn’t clear how much anybody would bid for the company, which is currently valued at $2.4 Billion. Alibaba and Comcast seem like possible contenders among those that would try to complement their existing interests and grow the company. Alibaba would get a North American and European foothold that would take the e-commerce … Read more

‘Localizing” Brands, Circa 2018: A Discussion with MomentFeed’s Robert Blatt

Brands have often made a mess of their local store digital marketing relationships. They’ve focused on their national image while paying little mind to local customer relationships, services and marketing — or even telling consumers where their stores are. Agencies and services like SOCI and MomentFeed are focused on improving the national/local marketing relationship. Complementing location-based marketing services like … Read more

Groupon ‘Pauses’ its Rewards Program

The transition from one-off daily deals to an “always on” loyalty/rewards platform that keeps merchants in the fold has been a Holy Grail of sorts for the deals companies. This was the case for Groupon Rewards, which launched in May 2012. Using Groupon Rewards, consumers could link the same credit card they use for Groupon to … Read more

Wanderful Bets on Mobile ‘Cash Dash’

Wanderful Media, the newspaper-owned promotions company, has expanded on its original Find&Save coupon portal, which now includes 500 national and regional merchants, and 18,000 brands. The new expansion efforts are focused on Cash Dash, a geolocation promotions feature found within the Find&Save Apps, and Coffee Table, an iPad-oriented retailer catalog that it acquired at the end of 2014. … Read more