The Controversy and Appeal of ‘Cash-Free’

Cash-free transactions made with plastic and e-wallets are seen as progressive and state of the art, at least to the FinTech community. They leave a perfect record of purchases for promotional incentives, loyalty programs, inventory control and can help with general planning. While there is a running debate on e-payment costs compared to cash, cash-free … Read more

Local Onliner: The Year’s Top 10 Posts

The annual list of my “best read” posts doesn’t necessarily correlate with what’s trending. Readership can be driven by a number of things. That said…it is great to see what’s resonating. Top 10 Posts 1. Can Next Door Monetize Its 10 Million Users? 2. Acxiom Marketing Solutions Group Sold to IPG 3. Sold to Siris Capital 4. RBC’s … Read more

Facebook Approaches Banks for a New Generation of ‘Transaction Marketing’

Facebook’s reach out to banks and credit card companies for customer bank balance, transaction data and fraud alerts, per today’s Wall Street Journal, signals a second, more cautious run at “transaction marketing.” The WSJ article details an effort by Facebook to support Messenger via customer data, making it feel safer to use the messaging service to … Read more

RBC Deploys Digital Services, Investments to Drive Next Generation of Customers

Longtime local search and ad network exec Darby Sieben took something of a leap of faith in the new commerce environment last June when he joined RBC Ventures, the venture arm of the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s largest banks. Indeed, RBC Ventures (RBCV) is driving the hypothesis that businesses can be among … Read more