RBC’s ‘Ownr’ Aims to Convert SMBs to Banking Customers

Banks are an essential cog in the wheel for SMBs. While they’ve been increasingly disintermediated in the digital era, they are often relied on for loans/credit, payments, notary and other services. Can they put themselves front-and-center for SMBs? That’s the goal for RBC Ventures, a Toronto-based arm of The Royal Bank of Canada, which serves 16 … Read more

American Express Cuts Back: Big Impact on SMB Digital Marketing Support?

American Express is under the knife, as it cuts $1 billion in spending with the end of its Costco and JetBlue co-branded cards. The cutback will probably cut into many of the forward looking promotion and marketing projects that Amex underwrites with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Uber, Pinterest and others. It will also lead to the departure … Read more

SMBs Are Stalled with FinTech; Its Long-Term Influence Remains Inevitable

As Money2020 concludes its 5th big show focusing on the new role of tech-based services in payments and marketing, FinTech has stalled for the SMB marketing channel. Once thought of as a game changer and disrupter for SMB marketing – and a key component in their very real move towards CRM — FinTech hasn’t really moved the … Read more

Square Shares Its Sales Playbook: ‘Deliver Dollars Fast’

As Square moves up the value chain with larger restaurants, multi-location franchises and other groups to support, it has gone from a sole focus on inbound, direct marketing sales to a mix of inbound and outbound. Eighty percent of Square’s larger sellers — grossing $250K + — still self-onboard. But a sales team is ready to support … Read more