Santa Clara Square: New Ways to Leverage ‘Micro Location’

Malls, college campuses, office parks, stadiums, public transit hubs and other complex real estate are hard to get around and find things. GIS-based technologies such as searchable map kiosks, ad-sponsored WiFi and card linked promotions are helping. They supplement Google Maps. Basic things remain a challenge, however, like finding your ride share driver in the … Read more

Porch Buys Serviz For Home Service Pros, Features

Serviz, one of the new breed of home pro sites, has been sold to Porch. The combination will help Porch reassert itself in an active but nascent marketplace that has been projected at possibly reaching $400 Billion. Competitors include Yelp, Amazon, Google, Thumbtack, Home Advisor/Angie’s List and Home Depot’s Pro Referral (formerly RedBeacon.) No one in the … Read more

ShopTalk: Google and PostMates Make the Case for SMB Deliveries

Fast and Free (or cheap) delivery is being positioned to retailers and restaurants by a growing group of companies as a key strategic asset that helps them compete with Amazon. Google has entered the marketplace with Google Express. It competes against such companies as Postmates, InstaCart, DoorDash, Deliv and Uber. There are doubters out there … Read more

Review: Brad Stone’s Lively ‘The Upstarts’ Chronicles Uber, Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

Uber and Airbnb have radically impacted taxis/car rental, hotels and vacation rentals. If they have their way, they’ll soon be disrupting a whole new set of adjacent local industries, including food delivery, local tours and “experiences.” Business Week’s Brad Stone, author of “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and The Age of Amazon,” and one of our keynoters, has been … Read more

Airbnb Expands Local ‘Experiences’ Despite Reported Turbulence

Airbnb reports that its “Experiences” division, a major growth initiative launched in November 2016, has expanded its footprint from 12-to-60 cities worldwide, and is slated for rapid growth. The Wall Street Journal, however, suggests that Experiences has run into some turbulence, and after spending $100 Million, is being reconfigured. Providing local experiences isn’t new to the hospitality industry, … Read more

Review: ‘Subscribed’ Offers a Playbook for Subscription-Based Companies

Businesses are working hard to move their customers to subscription-based models, with real results. McKinsey has estimated that subscription-based e-commerce, for instance, has enjoyed 100 percent growth in each of the past five years. The shift has even lead some to suggest the “death” of one-off product sales — at least in areas like software. … Read more

On Demand Trends: ‘People as a Service’ (PaaS)

We talk a lot about “on demand” jobs, or gigs. But does the on demand economy extend to full time, professional positions for administration, marketing and sales? Longtime local search and promotions vet Andy Steuer (IdeaLabs, Merch Engines) thinks so. Steuer is an investor in two sister companies based on the idea of “People as … Read more