L.A. Times Admits Online Errors, Vows Change

The LA Times Online will roll out two new, ecommerce-oriented verticals in the midst of a ripping internal report that says the paper’s online strategy is nowhere near where it needs to be for the paper to have a future, according to an article by James Rainey in today’s paper. The verticals are a new SoCal-focused travel website and … Read more

The Controversy and Appeal of ‘Cash-Free’

Cash-free transactions made with plastic and e-wallets are seen as progressive and state of the art, at least to the FinTech community. They leave a perfect record of purchases for promotional incentives, loyalty programs, inventory control and can help with general planning. While there is a running debate on e-payment costs compared to cash, cash-free … Read more

Groceryshop Summary: Getting On the Road to ‘Relationship Commerce’

One reason Amazon bought Whole Foods was to serve as a Local Commerce Logistics Center. Today, two years after the acquisition, Whole Foods is on the cutting edge of new trends like Amazon Prime loyalty extensions, Amazon in-store display and delivery. The sale also shook up a nearly $1 Trillion grocery segment in the US/Canada … Read more

Groceryshop: Aiming for ‘More Available, Accessible and Relevant’

Next generation grocery stores face a challenging environment. But at this week’s inaugural Groceryshop event in Las Vegas, with 3,000 participants, industry executives and tech vendors suggested that store enhancements, omnichannel and assisted-shopping capabilities and final mile delivery choices will help them avoid the “retail apocalypse” afflicting other multi-channel retailers. More than 30,000 grocery stores in the … Read more

Walmart Groceries: The Search for Tech that ‘Bends the Curve’

Walmart has been stepping on the gas in its efforts to extend its audience and keep Amazon and others at bay. Its efforts have won kudos – at the Groceryshop events this week in Las Vegas, the company was specifically singled by Morgan Stanley and others as a digital leader in online groceries. Walmart SVP of Digital Operations … Read more

Facebook Deals Launches in Five Markets

Facebook today launched its Deals product as an “Alpha” in five markets: San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Austin and Atlanta. The effort plays up Facebook’s social connectivity, making it simple to “like” and share deals, and promote throughout the site. The launch comes at a time of rapid expansion in the deals space. Google Offers has also just … Read more

IAB Leadership Meeting: WalMart Global Commerce CEO Neil Ashe

Wal-Mart Global eCommerce CEO Neil Ashe told 1000+ digital marketing pros at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert that their responsibility is to fully integrate their efforts throughout the organization. Ashe, who formerly ran CBS Interactive, said top company execs have got to get away from the notion that the CIO is the only one who matters … Read more

Is Amazon Testing a Local Marketplace?

Amazon has been reported to be prepping a local services marketplace test in one market. If the article is accurate, this effort won’t necessarily be adopted into a nationwide product – Amazon frequently tests product concepts — but should be watched with interest. Amazon Marketplace – or whatever its final branding – would complement existing Amazon services in … Read more

Newspapers’ ‘Wanderful Media’ Rethinks Digital Circulars

The consortium of 12 major newspaper companies that last year purchased Travidia, a digital circular vendor, has relaunched as Wanderful Media. The consortium, previously known as ShopCo., has committed $22 Million to the venture. It has also introduced a new tablet version of FindnSave.com, a site that launched last year under the old Travidia regime. FindnSave enables … Read more

RewardLoop: SMB Loyalty Effort Focuses on POS ‘Work Around’

We’ve calculated that more than $287 Million has been invested in more than 20 transaction marketing players. The investment reflects the inherent opportunities in transaction marketing, which is a synergistic mash of loyalty programs, offers, reputation management and the “big data” sets that can analyze behavior and target specific customers. A lot of progress has … Read more