Positions Itself as Anchor for EBay Local

Inventory hasn’t yet emerged as a “must have” for merchants, but the strategic importance of tracking store inventory remains undiminished. Merchants will potentially use inventory levels to drive users to specific locations, build promotions to get rid of overage (or remove promotions when supplies are running low). While far from universal, many national retailers are … Read more

ILM East: Ted Leonsis – Local’s All About Scale, ‘New Currencies’

Ted Leonsis, Groupon Vice Chair, American Express Board Member and Internet Pioneer , emphasized the importance of scaling for local in a global economy during a keynote at ILM East yesterday. “Indiana really matters. India matters more,” said Leonsis, pointing out that for larger companies, most growth will come from outside the U.S. The way … Read more

Closing The Book on ILM:07

It is hard for me to comprehend, but we are finally finished with ILM:07. We were grateful to have had 650 interesting and enthusiastic attendees from all over the world; 72 stimulating speakers; a full load of sponsors; and an excellent partnership with SES. Our next conference, April 30-May 2 at the Westin in Seattle, will … Read more

Wood-Lewis: Local Grayboxx Results ‘Bad Advice’

Grayboxx ranks local businesses based on the number of mentions it receives on online consumer services. Almost a year after I first wrote about it, it has finally launched. The service, which assumes that people mostly mention services they like, has repositioned itself as the ratings service for small towns that couldn’t hope to get enough users to … Read more

Krillion’s Local Search Engine Finds Refrigerators

Krillion, a startup with deep pockets from Hummer Winblad, launched the first iteration of its “localized search engine” today. The highly attractive, ad-supported service is kicking off with a dedicated appliance search. The next wave of localized searches will include seasonal appliances, consumer electronics, and lawn & garden. For the appliance service, Krillion is crawling … Read more

Second Thoughts on Merchant Circle’s Misbehavior

Last week, I got 22 comments within a 2 day timeframe on a several months old post regarding Merchant Circle. I took all the comments off the blog after noting irregularities among them. Basically, I saw a deliberate attempt by one or more people to create a pseudo grassroots movement by writing lots of phony letters. … Read more