Local Onliner: The Year’s Top 10 Posts

The annual list of my “best read” posts doesn’t necessarily correlate with what’s trending. Readership can be driven by a number of things. That said…it is great to see what’s resonating. Top 10 Posts 1. Can Next Door Monetize Its 10 Million Users? 2. Acxiom Marketing Solutions Group Sold to IPG 3. Web.com Sold to Siris Capital 4. RBC’s … Read more

RBC Deploys Digital Services, Investments to Drive Next Generation of Customers

Longtime local search and ad network exec Darby Sieben took something of a leap of faith in the new commerce environment last June when he joined RBC Ventures, the venture arm of the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s largest banks. Indeed, RBC Ventures (RBCV) is driving the hypothesis that businesses can be among … Read more

Twitter Acquires CardSpring; Enters SMB Loyalty and Data Space

Twitter has made a bold move to go beyond advertising by adding performance marketing to its portfolio via the purchase of CardSpring, the San Francisco-based startup. The acquisition price has not been announced. CardSpring had raised $10 Million since its launch in 2011. One of the big tech challenges in the payments space has been to remake … Read more

Investors Refocus on Delivery Services: A Big Cog for Local E Commerce?

Interest in delivery services is heating up, as investors are looking at them to not only fulfill food orders, but boost business via convenience, impulse buys and cross-over leads. Looking ahead, delivery services may come to mean a lot more. Some are providing their clients with marketing analytics. Others are seeking to verticalize beyond food … Read more

Comcast Exec on ‘The Critical Growth of Product Marketing’

Products in the business to small business sales channel (B2SMB) are growing more numerous, rapidly innovating, and becoming more diverse and customized. That makes the product marketing team a vital part of the business. Comcast Business Senior Director Scott Biondi, speaking with B2SMBi co-founder Peter Hutto on the Playbooks 19 web-based conference today, noted the company has … Read more

Acxiom Marketing Solutions Sold; What’s the Future of its SMB Listings?

Acxiom, one of the “big four” providers of SMB listings, along with InfoGroup, Localeze and Factual, is selling that SMB listings business along with the broader parent, Acxiom Marketing Services, to IPG, the ad agency/adtech giant. The $2.3 Billion transaction is slated to close at the end of 2018. The remaining, smaller part of Acxiom will … Read more

Web.com’s $2 Billion Sale; What It Says About The Value of SMB Platforms

Web.com, a behemouth that has watched companies like MailChimp, Squarespace and Weebly grab the buzz in SMB platforms, is being tentatively sold to Siris Capital, a buy out firm, for $2 Billion — a 30 percent premium over its recent stock price. Counter-offers are being invited through August 5. Web.com launched in 1997 to provide off-the-shelf, … Read more

RBC’s ‘Ownr’ Aims to Convert SMBs to Banking Customers

Banks are an essential cog in the wheel for SMBs. While they’ve been increasingly disintermediated in the digital era, they are often relied on for loans/credit, payments, notary and other services. Can they put themselves front-and-center for SMBs? That’s the goal for RBC Ventures, a Toronto-based arm of The Royal Bank of Canada, which serves 16 … Read more

Being Tactical and Strategic: The Greatest Hits of ‘Next Wave SMB’

Where do we draw the line between “strategic” initiatives that define the future, and “tactical” approaches that can be readily applied? The average SMB or local marketer wants to be state-of-the-art, but doesn’t want to get too far ahead of customers, or invest in services that don’t ultimately catch on. Some things that we’ve watched … Read more