Outside.in Begins Integration with CNN

Outside.in, a major aggregator of local blogs, has begun the integration with CNN that was announced last December at our Interactive Local Media Conference in LA. First up is integration with CNN’s home page, weather page and profile page. On the homepage, users can click on Local Weather & News in the right sidebar, enter their zip … Read more

The Emerging Reviews Environment and Google’s Unloading of Zagat

Google’s unloading of Zagat this week to The Infatuation, a local reviews site, is seen by some as “Finally!” and perhaps, the final vestige of both paywall-protected review content, and Marissa Mayer’s unsuccessful tenure as Google’s head of local (2010-2012). It certainly makes sense for Google to move on from Zagat. For better or worse, review … Read more

American Express Cuts Back: Big Impact on SMB Digital Marketing Support?

American Express is under the knife, as it cuts $1 billion in spending with the end of its Costco and JetBlue co-branded cards. The cutback will probably cut into many of the forward looking promotion and marketing projects that Amex underwrites with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Uber, Pinterest and others. It will also lead to the departure … Read more

Bargain Babe LA: Social Maps for Shopping

Tip sheets on local bargains seem like an obvious local media play. I even sketched one out at dinner with friends last winter. Bargain Babe LA is better than anything I was thinking of. Launched in July by former LA Daily News Reporter Julia Scott, BBLA’s tag line is “daily tips for savvy shoppers.” The site uses Serra Media’s new … Read more

‘Localizing” Brands, Circa 2018: A Discussion with MomentFeed’s Robert Blatt

Brands have often made a mess of their local store digital marketing relationships. They’ve focused on their national image while paying little mind to local customer relationships, services and marketing — or even telling consumers where their stores are. Agencies and services like SOCI and MomentFeed are focused on improving the national/local marketing relationship. Complementing location-based marketing services like … Read more

Constant Contact’s $1.1 B Sale to Endurance: Is There Synergy with Email and Hosting?

Constant Contact, the king of SMB email newsletters with 600,000 overall accounts, has been sold for $1.1 billion in cash to Endurance Holding Group, one of the largest web hosting, presence and domain companies with 4.5 million accounts and brands like HostGator and Domains.com. The deal – which might be seen an SMB version of Salesforce’s … Read more

Schedulicity’s Dave Galvan: Scheduling is a Disruptive Feature

How big can SMB scheduling be? And how universal across SMB categories? Those are the questions posed by the addition of scheduling to Groupon (Groupon Scheduler) and Merchant Circle, as well as the rise of several independent scheduling sites, such as Full Slate, Agendize, MaxiPage, Appointy and Genbook, Another contender is Schedulicity, a scheduling pioneer that is now two years old and … Read more

Borrell LOACWest: NextDoor is Seen as ‘Hyperlocal Angie’s List’

NextDoor, the well-funded neighborhood discussion platform, is eying deeper relationships with local merchants and service providers (and monetization). VP of Business Development Craig Donato provided details and insights about the network this week at Borrell’s Local Online Advertising Conference West in San Francisco. Donato noted that NextDoor is up to almost 116,000 neighborhoods of 500-750 households – … Read more