Google Buys Wildfire: Social/Loyalty Anchor?

Google is adding Wildfire to its social-oriented suite of business services, paying “about $250 Million,” according to a source cited by The Wall Street Journal. The San Francisco-based company provides social media analytics for 16,000 customers, ranging from large SMBs to major brands such as Amazon, Unilever and Virgin. Wildfire launched in 2008 as a self-serve platform that … Read more

Meeker’s Internet Trends 2018: Local Gets a Seat at The Table

Local and SMB-oriented companies get a lot of attention when they scale, get sold and/or IPO – or threaten to. But “local” itself has never really been a big part of the global digital equation. Local media and directory companies, in fact, have been viewed as part of media’s inevitable deterioration. And digital local’s IPO’d … Read more

Associated Content: ‘Local is a Differentiator’

The new breed of content aggregators is among the biggest bets in online media. These companies are assembling content from hundreds of thousands of contributors; optimizing it on the search engines so that it is easily found; and syndicating it. Demand Media is probably the biggest company in the space. But others include, which has a … Read more

ILM East: Ted Leonsis – Local’s All About Scale, ‘New Currencies’

Ted Leonsis, Groupon Vice Chair, American Express Board Member and Internet Pioneer , emphasized the importance of scaling for local in a global economy during a keynote at ILM East yesterday. “Indiana really matters. India matters more,” said Leonsis, pointing out that for larger companies, most growth will come from outside the U.S. The way … Read more