FASTForward ‘07: Enterprise Search, Reconsidered

FAST put on its own kind of MacWorld this week in San Diego, evangelizing the way to its “enterprise search” solutions for every kind of customer, including major local players such as Media News Group, The Washington Post, InfoSpace, Scandinavian publishing giant Schipsted, and the online directory efforts from Deutsche Telekom and Portugal Telecom. The event, attracting … Read more

Freedom Interactive ‘Tearing Out the Infrastructure’

When Freedom Communications recruited Michael Mathieu , the monetization leader from United Online (, NetZero, etc.), it was opting for change with a capital “C.” Freedom, of course, is the longtime libertarian owner of 70 properties, including The Orange County Register, a bunch of small papers, a number of magazines and specialty publications, and 21 TV stations. But … Read more

Richard Rosen’s Primer on Call Measurement

ROI for advertising is generally measured by local businesses in terms of phone calls generated, call duration and/or store visits. That isn’t changing soon. But for local ad sellers and their advertisers, it remains a challenge to figure out where calls are coming from; the conversion rate of calls; and the viability of Web-related tie-ins … Read more