CityVoter Bets on TV Partners for Review Site

With the probably exception of Yelp, standalone review sites haven’t figured out a way to make money. In the past year, InsiderPages was sold off to CitySearch, and Judy’s Book, famously, changed its model to coupons. So why would Josh Walker, Forrester’s former head of consumer research, dive into the game with both feet? Walker’s CityVoter, which … Read more

Gannett’s ‘Deal Chicken’ Goes it Alone in Arizona

The deal a day model thrives on the power of its email list, sales channels, promotion, clever copywriting and vendor selection. Newspapers and TV stations should be especially well positioned to leverage these strengths, right? Many, in fact, are diving in to deal a day via partner relationships with Groupon and LivingSocial, or vendor relationships with the likes of Deal … Read more

Palm Beach Post ‘Containing’ Craig’s List

Cox’s Palm Beach, fighting to stave off Craig’s List and slackening ad trends for newspapers in general, has focused on creating a super site for shopping. The site is replete with free ads, new features such as video, free direct-connect calls to advertisers, online coupons, post-your-own photos, and alternative channels beyond a Web site, including kiosk- and … Read more

CBS-TV Sites Launch “Best Of” Cities

TV station websites and other local media will be hosting local “best of” contests developed by CityVoter, a new company started by Forrester Research alum. The “best of” contests are using a tried-and-true format popularized by city magazines such as New York and Washingtonian and widely adopted by city guides such as CitySearch and Digital City. In this case, the … Read more

Local ’07: Nick Grouf, Spot Runner

Spot Runner, the high profile video production house and media buyer for small businesses, is winning some big deals with national players that want to provide solutions for partners and affiliates, and also target locally. During his Day 1 Keynote at Local ’07, Founder Nick Grouf says that “by solving problems for small business, we’re seeing substantial … Read more

Local Thunder’s ‘Promotional Stew’ for TV Sites

The leading evangelists for online TV station advertising – WorldNow, IBS, Broadcast Interactive Media, Media Span, the station groups themselves – have their work cut out for them. Some TV stations are now registering in the mid-six figures for online sales, but most, going into the NAB Show next week in Vegas, really haven’t done much. In … Read more

Closing The Book on ILM:07

It is hard for me to comprehend, but we are finally finished with ILM:07. We were grateful to have had 650 interesting and enthusiastic attendees from all over the world; 72 stimulating speakers; a full load of sponsors; and an excellent partnership with SES. Our next conference, April 30-May 2 at the Westin in Seattle, will … Read more Teams with Google for Local Search

Last week, we wrote about The Seattle Times Co. and its new “Network search,” which is powered with FAST. This week, we are covering The Boston Globe’s and its new “Federated” search solution, powered by Google. Federated and Network search are different names for pretty much the same thing. But even as the respective newspapers try to tackle the issues … Read more

WebVisible Lands $12 Million; Emphasizes Integrated SMB Solutions

 The small business advertising arms race has gotten hotter in recent weeks, as companies eye a chance to add Google and Yahoo search solutions, and other services to small business marketing budgets once totally contained by Yellow Pages. First we had ReachLocal’s $305 million valuation based on a $55 million round of financing, sparking the whole marketplace. … Read more

Kill the Innovators: San Diego U-T Lays Off Online Leaders

These are tough, fast-changing times for newspapers, and many of them are taking severe measures to get back on track. Sometimes, it means putting the innovative online guy in charge of print too, as Bay Area News Group has done with online advertising head David Prizer. But sometimes, it means consolidating power under the old print hands … Read more