Citysearch In Separate Deals With,

Citysearch’s strategy of winning wider distribution for its user reviews, editorial content and business profiles “and living wherever consumers want to be” has becoming closer to reality as it has announced back-to-back partnerships with Idearc’s and AT&T Interactive’s

The deals reinforce an earlier deal announced last month with MySpace. While the business relationship is quite different for each deal, each has a major content component that pushes Citysearch deep into the sites.

The value of the content is clear. “Additional content from Citysearch complements what is doing to meet the needs of consumers searching locally, while supporting local discovery and connection with our valued advertisers,” notes AT&T Interactive President and CEO David Krantz in a press release.

On the advertising side, however, SuperPages is going an extra step. While advertising is kept separate with, SuperPages is adding its performance-based ads to Citysearch’s publisher network, which includes MySpace and InsiderPages. Citysearch, for its part, will work to integrate its advertisers with and President Briggs Ferguson was previously Citysearch’s President and CEO.