‘Dividing 11 Points, What is Your Preference for Print vs. IYP?’

Simmons Market Research Bureau called me at home on Saturday morning as part of a broad canvassing of Yellow Pages consumers in San Diego County.

After some preliminary qs, the surveyor asked me to walk over to where I keep my Yellow Pages (downstairs, in an old gun closet). I lugged six Yellow Pages out of the closet, put on my glasses, and read the tiny numbers off the spine to surveyor, who confessed that 20 percent of people hung up at that point. Not very many.

Next, I was asked the last time I used each directory, and for what reason (in my case, restaurant coupons a few weeks ago). Then I was asked about my usage of some Internet directories, some of which are mainstream, including all the online versions of the big YPs, Google and Yahoo. Some, however, were just barely alive or inactive in my area, leaving me to scratch my head why they were included.

Interestingly, the survey didn’t ask me about sites where I actually get listings from: YelpAngie’s ListMojopagesInsiderPagesCitySearchServicemagic –the kinds of places where someone like me sometimes finds listings. It also didn’t include local independent directories for my area that I enjoy using.

The best question: “Dividing 11 points between Internet Yellow Pages and Print Yellow Pages, what is your preference?”

How would YOU answer that? 5-6? 6-5? 7-4? 8-3? 9-2? 10-1? 11-0? Let us know!