Localized Social Network for Girls Launches

Jitter Fingers, a social network for teen and “tween” girls looking for a secure and focused environment (i.e. away from the predators that lurk in MySpace), has launched a local beta version in Los Angeles. It expects to eventually launch up to 300 localized versions.

Founder Allen Esrock, a longtime tech headhunter – and the father of two girls in the targeted demo — notes that girls “place their friendships above anything else. Within their private (and verified) ‘Jitter Friends’ club, girlfriends can chat, share secrets, horoscopes and photos….leave messages for each other. “

Local is a huge part of Jitter Fingers’ equation, with content such as local photo streams, events and reviews. On the site , it is presented as one section, next to entertainment, music, cell phone, fashion & lifestyle opportunities. “Our ability to push hot national content such as celebrities, movies, and fashion into the girls’ locally created marketplaces creates a female national/local advertising platform,” says Esrock. “It patterns itself on the male national/local model of professional sports.”

Esrock adds that the website is “the first plank” in a cross platform product that will leverage multiple revenue streams from marketers who eager to reach targeted, local girls.