New Local Marketplace: EMain Set for Brooklyn Trial

EMain, a startup that aims to recruit local businesses to a local online marketplace, is set to begin a 60 business, 12-week trial in Park Slope, Brooklyn next week.

The effort is helmed by Peter Price, a high profile 78-year old media and association veteran. His extensive resume includes stints as president of Liberty Cable, a cable TV overbuild in NY; and as chairman of the Video Dial Tone Association.

Price told Bloomberg that EMain will focus on “shop local” themes in its marketing to both businesses and consumers. Many main street entities, from butcher stores to hardware stores, haven’t focused on digitization but worry about the impact of Amazon Prime on their businesses, he said in the article.

If it graduates to launch mode, EMain would join other local digital marketplace efforts. In addition to Amazon Marketplace, which already boasts an large number of local stores, they include specialized and hyperlocal marketplace entities developed by Groupon, Postmates and ShopCity.

There is one significant difference: For the Park Slope trial, The United States Postal Service is providing next day pick up and delivery from stores to consumers. This could add a level of convenience for stores and theoretically beats Amazon Prime’s two-day window for items kept at Amazon’s regional warehouses.

Per the Bloomberg article, Price thinks EMain will charge stores $50+ a week. The fee could presumably include an online Web store, promotion, processing and/or delivery fees.

In a move that will remind longtime readers of Daily Voice (formerly Main Street Connect) Price has stocked an advisory board with top level, NY-based execs who don’t necessarily have “local online” experience but can help validate the effort and help with fundraising. They include former Verizon Chair Ivan Seidenberg, Time Warner Co-CEO Nick Nicholas and investment banker Barry Friedberg.TweetShare2