On Demand Trends: ‘People as a Service’ (PaaS)

We talk a lot about “on demand” jobs, or gigs. But does the on demand economy extend to full time, professional positions for administration, marketing and sales? Longtime local search and promotions vet Andy Steuer (IdeaLabs, Merch Engines) thinks so.

Steuer is an investor in two sister companies based on the idea of “People as a Service,” or PaaS — a play on Software as a service. Helpware provides employees on an as needed basis; Leadware helps sales teams build out va targeted research, lead generation, leads and sales. “The challenge in any business is to keep operating costs lower,” says Steuer.

Both companies provide English-speaking workers from The Ukraine. Workers are billed out at $1,800 to $2,600 a month based on disciplines, with an account manager for every five consultants to insure high quality output from the team. The workers are entirely dedicated to the hiring company for as long as they are needed. Many are proficient in a number of categories.

Typical Helpware roles include customer service, accounting support, search marketing and marketing support. “They work with a lot of CFOs on billing reconciliation, analytics, and support customer service teams and marketing teams to onboard and manage client campaigns effectively” and things like that, says Steuer. Leadware operates on the same principals, but operates on its own, helping companies build out their own “predictable revenueve sales” funnel.

“With Leadware, for every thousand leads, you might may have 200 conversations and emails, leading to 20 appointments and four sales,” says Steuer. As companies build, they can keep adding more Leadware consultants. Then as sales are made, Helpware is there to help companies scale their back office operations efficiently so they can boost their EBITDA quickly.”