Oodle Adds Twitter; Sees Common Thread with Facebook et al

Oodle has added Twitter to its outlets for social classified listings. Oodle’s other social media outlets also include FacebookMySpace and AOL.

CEO Craig Donato says he hopes to apply the learnings to Twitter from its launches on the other sites. Oodle is obviously less impacted by Twitter’s 140 character limit than other media, since classifieds are typically pretty short. Many other classified sites have already launched Twitter, including eBay (and eBay’s Kijiji), Zillow, Trulia, Apartments.com, ApartmentFinder and JitterGram, to name just a few.

Basically, it is all about stirring about conversations among your friends , says Donato. That’s what makes a successful offering. The best conversations right now are about video, music and blog posts, he says. Listings can move up the scale by incorporating more features, such as pictures and comments. “We’re trying to harvest word of mouth for listings.”

In Donato’s assessment, there probably isn’t going to be much difference among the channels. The one differentiator that is out there is “localness.” In that regard, Facebook has quite a headstart, he says MySpace and AOL friends might be further afield.

While Twitter would seem to have a natural orientation towards mobile, Donato thinks all the social media sites are going to be going there in equal measure before long.