Review: Brad Stone’s Lively ‘The Upstarts’ Chronicles Uber, Airbnb and the Sharing Economy

Uber and Airbnb have radically impacted taxis/car rental, hotels and vacation rentals. If they have their way, they’ll soon be disrupting a whole new set of adjacent local industries, including food delivery, local tours and “experiences.” Business Week’s Brad Stone, author of “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and The Age of Amazon,” and one of our keynoters, has been … Read more

Airbnb Expands Local ‘Experiences’ Despite Reported Turbulence

Airbnb reports that its “Experiences” division, a major growth initiative launched in November 2016, has expanded its footprint from 12-to-60 cities worldwide, and is slated for rapid growth. The Wall Street Journal, however, suggests that Experiences has run into some turbulence, and after spending $100 Million, is being reconfigured. Providing local experiences isn’t new to the hospitality industry, … Read more