Comcast Exec on ‘The Critical Growth of Product Marketing’

Products in the business to small business sales channel (B2SMB) are growing more numerous, rapidly innovating, and becoming more diverse and customized. That makes the product marketing team a vital part of the business. Comcast Business Senior Director Scott Biondi, speaking with B2SMBi co-founder Peter Hutto on the Playbooks 19 web-based conference today, noted the company has … Read more

Groupon’s Current Strengths: Limited, But Good for Alibaba or Comcast?

Groupon has put itself on the market, and it isn’t clear how much anybody would bid for the company, which is currently valued at $2.4 Billion. Alibaba and Comcast seem like possible contenders among those that would try to complement their existing interests and grow the company. Alibaba would get a North American and European foothold that would take the e-commerce … Read more

New Directions for The New Hyperlocal: Mobile, Big Data Opens Up The Doors

Hyperlocal has been widely seen as a failure in the wake of AOL’s huge loss from its investment in Patch. But new life has been breathed into hyperlocal via mobile-based geotargeting and the contemporary grab bag of Big Data resources. NextDoor, Everyblock, and LocalBlox are among the leaders of a new generation of mobile-oriented hyperlocal sites. Each vies … Read more