Facebook Deals Launches in Five Markets

Facebook today launched its Deals product as an “Alpha” in five markets: San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Austin and Atlanta. The effort plays up Facebook’s social connectivity, making it simple to “like” and share deals, and promote throughout the site. The launch comes at a time of rapid expansion in the deals space. Google Offers has also just … Read more

Next Steps For Groupon As Andrew Mason Departs

It was just a matter of “when,” but Groupon has finally relieved Andrew Mason of his CEO duties after a quarter in which Groupon widely missed its mark because of its very high expenses and serious international issues, despite growing 30 percent year over year. Vice Chair Ted Leonsis and Executive Chair Eric Lefkofsky will run the … Read more

MLM San Francisco: Google Keynoters Focus on Optimizing Mobile

Google sees great usage and potential for mobile with features such as Google Maps, “which is one of the most popular Apps on any phone,” noted Surojit Chatterjee, head of mobile search ad products, who was co-keynoting at MLM San Francisco. Mobile “is an extension of the Web” and can get “better usage than banner ads,” … Read more

Local Matters Unveils Search and Social Platform for IYPs

Here’s a question: How long would directory publishers sit back and let new companies such as RedBeacon, AlikeList and others disrupt the leads economy for SMBs with search and socially driven features such as Twitter and Facebook? Or Google, with Place Pages? That’s a question that Local Matters and other Yellow Pages vendors have obviously asked themselves. Now Local Matters has … Read more

Google Buys Zagat: Reviews Platform is the Focus

Google’s march into local reached another milestone today with the acquisition of Zagat, a major, international provider of high end restaurant and lifestyle reviews in 100+ cities. Zagat remains a major player in a reviews space it pioneered in 1979. In addition to hosting its patented “30 point” reviews from some 350,000 “surveyors.” Zagat has a … Read more

Google Buys Dealmap; Validation for Aggregators?

Google has acquired Dealmap, a deals aggregator and exchange, and will presumably use it to complement its own sourcing of deals for Google Offers, the daily deal site now in New York, The Bay Area and Portland and coming soon to Austin, Boston, Denver, Seattle and Washington, DC. Terms were not disclosed. Dealmap, a 15 person company, … Read more

Google Re-Thinks The Purchase Funnel: ‘Zero Moment of Truth’

The purchase funnel that takes consumers from awareness to transaction and retention has been an article of faith among marketers for many years. TV advertising, for instance, is “upper funnel.” Yellow Pages, at the point of sales consideration, has been “lower funnel.” Google has other ideas. Any purchase consideration must now consider the impact of search … Read more

Boston.com Teams with Google for Local Search

Last week, we wrote about The Seattle Times Co. and its new “Network search,” which is powered with FAST. This week, we are covering The Boston Globe’s Boston.com and its new “Federated” search solution, powered by Google. Federated and Network search are different names for pretty much the same thing. But even as the respective newspapers try to tackle the issues … Read more

Google Ranks IYP Traffic; Adds to Ranking Confusion

iBegin head Ahmed Farooq is shaking things up by publicizing Google’s take on top IYPs. Per Google’s methodology, Citysearch leads the way with 7.4 million uniques, and a 3.2 percent reach. It beats YellowPages.com with 6.8 million uniques, and SuperPages.com with 6.2 million uniques. Next up are Yelp with 4.6 million uniques, and Local.comwith 3.2 million uniques. No surprise, this take on the data … Read more

New Classifieds Aggregators: iList and Bamboo Ad Net

Local media is so fragmented that its becoming increasingly important to aggregate classifieds from several sources. GoogleBase and Oodle go a long way in this regard – the latter having recently signed Facebook and MySpace as partners for its growing network. But other classified aggregators are coming up the horizon, too. One site that recently launched is iList, a San Francisco-based company that has … Read more