DMS ’08 Keynote: AT&T Advertising and Publishing Head Frank Jules

AT&T Advertising and Publishing President Frank Jules, who has held the top slot for a year, said at Kelsey’s Directional Media Strategies conference in Atlanta that his business is “changing dramatically,” and laid out a prescription for Yellow Pages growth. The prescription is heavily dependent on success of AT&T Publishing’s efforts on the Internet, which is growing … Read more

Kelsey Seattle: The Wrap (and Links)

So – our Drilling Down on Local: Marketplaces event in Seattle has finally come and gone. There were some challenges here and there. But in the end, we successfully specced out the Marketplaces vision, and the age-old idea (from Clue Train Manifesto, Circa 2000) that “Markets are Conversations.” Indeed, two weeks ago The Kelsey Group released research suggesting … Read more