Google Buys Zagat: Reviews Platform is the Focus

Google’s march into local reached another milestone today with the acquisition of Zagat, a major, international provider of high end restaurant and lifestyle reviews in 100+ cities. Zagat remains a major player in a reviews space it pioneered in 1979. In addition to hosting its patented “30 point” reviews from some 350,000 “surveyors.” Zagat has a … Read more

LSA18: Yelp’s Chad Richard On The ‘Decentralization of Reservations’

Digital reservations are seizing on SaaS cloud-based models and becoming the norm not only for Open Table-oriented white table cloth restaurants, but fast casual restaurants, beauty salons, spas and even hospital emergency rooms and Department of Motor Vehicles. Yelp SVP of Business and Corporate Development Chad Richard, speaking at LSA18 this week in Chicago, said a “decentralization of … Read more