Video’s Added ‘Brand to Local’ Capabilities; A Chat with Netsertive’s Brendan Morrissey

There is no better “recall” media than video, but in digital media, it has actually been something of a late bloomer when it comes to advertising. Not anymore.

Most notably, YouTube has emerged as a leader among digital sites for advertising, and its growing fast. Sixty-nine percent of SMB digital advertisers would like to boost their spending on YouTube, per Borrell.

But it’s deeper than that. Video programming is deeply integrated into many media services, and pre-roll sales are especially strong. At the same time, Facebook, Snapchat and others increasingly video-centric.

These typically offer robust ad programs that provide local and vertical media insertion options such as local listing and number options. To varying degrees, they also integrate on screen, direct response features such as “offers,” “more info,” “catalogs” and “purchase.”

A sleeper in all this is Seattle-based Mixpo, which pioneered many of these capabilities when it launched in 2006. The company initially relied on local media companies to resell to their brand and SMB accounts (when I was a consultant for it). Mixpo’s tools allow advertisers to dynamically localize, verticalize and analyze video. An advertiser with a dozen stores in a region, for instance, could automatically insert local information for each store without having to re-create the creative.

In recent years, Mixpo has maintained its relations with many of its local media partners, including McClatchy, Tegna, Tribune and Comcast. It also has focused on working with agencies and national accounts. These might be seen as easier, lower hanging fruit.

Netsertive, a “brand to local” marketing tech platform based in North Carolina with about three dozen clients, including such brands as Mazda, Serta and Electolux, purchased Mixpo after partnering with it for 16 months. “We saw an opportunity and demand to add additional pieces to the video marketing puzzle that we didn’t provide for ourselves,” CEO Brendan Morrissey told LocalOnliner.

Prior to buying Mixpo, Morrissey notes that Netsertive did localization, but not dynamically. Working with Mixpo’s automation tools saves clients – both direct and indirect via agencies and resellers — “a lot of manpower.” It is especially true for accounts with many locations to target, he adds. ”They may not need 40 people in a backroom to move huge files up and down to create 700 new videos.”

Recently, the company added a dedicated YouTube focus to its other work in broadcast and cable TV, etc. “We’d been asked by more and more advertisers to activate YouTube,” says Morrissey, who sees YouTube and other digital channels as a growing part of many clients’ video ad budget. “Directionally, they may decide to spend $50,000 for cable, and $10,000 for (digital) video,” he says, as an example.

The percentage they apply to digital depends on what the advertiser wants to do, adds Morrissey. “Some may want to run certain promotions,” such as a Memorial Day sale or New Product announcement, as video only, or mostly.