Zvents Drives Traffic to Papers

Zvents, the localized, personalized online events calendar, says it is driving a lot of page views and traffic to its newspaper partners. The growing list of partners now include The Orange County Register and other Freedom newspapers; several Media News Group properties, including The Denver Post, The San Jose Mercury News and The Detroit News; Boston.com; and as of today, 15 of the latter’s sister newspapers at The New York Times Regional Group. The NYTRG papers are small-to-medium sized properties located in the Southeast and California.

The company launched its first newspaper partnership ten months ago with The San Jose Mercury News, where traffic is “up about seven-to-eight times in like-to-like traffic,” according to ZVents CEO Ethan Stock. He says that the company is seeing “double digit percentage growth month-on month at almost all partners sites.” Some of the sites are “way double digit.”

Stock adds that “In almost all cases, our marketing, including SEO, drives more traffic — mostly from major search engines — to the partner site than the site itself drives through direct, site-search, or cross-site navigation.”